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This one hurts. If it doesn’t get you, you might be dead inside.

From the wonderful blog Somewhere On The Masthead.

I bring my story proposals with me, stepping into the cool, dim room and sitting down opposite the Chief. But something isn’t quite right: My supervisor, the executive editor, who always sits in on pitch meetings, is strangely absent. So is my department’s graphic designer. Instead, sitting opposite me at the conference table is a big bear of a man, someone I’ve never met before. He sticks out a meaty hand and introduces himself.

“I’m from Human Resources,” he says, a statement I find odd. I know everyone in our HR department. Then I look at the Chief, and catch the odd, guilty glint in her eyes, as she holds my gaze for a second, then breaks eye contact.

Oh, you have GOT to be kidding… I think.

“MM,” she begins, “this is really hard for me…”

But of course, what she has to say next is hardest for no one so much as me.

She uses phrases like, “The company is having to make several hard decisions today,” and “Everyone, even us at the Really Big Magazine, are being asked to make reductions,” and “I think you know what I have to tell you.”

Read the rest. This is what’s going on in this world right now.

H/T Ginger

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