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The other day I posted a short introduction to Google Analytics along with a couple of ideas about how the information compiled there could be used specifically by journalists. One of the other really cool features (it’s new) in Analytics is the ability to create custom reports. One that I’ve created for some sites is something I call “Traffic Quality”, which is an overview of the Bounce Rate, Time On Page, and New Visitor rate for all of my traffic sources.

Of course, the possibilities of custom reports you can create are virtually endless, but this one is nice because it allows you to get a really quick look at what’s going on with your different traffic sources.  For instance, does Twitter give you stickier visitors than Stumbleupon? If so, Twitter may be a better place to invest your time because the users there like your stuff better.  Does Blog A have a higher percentage of return visitors, or does Blog B? If you know which performs better for you, you can check out the commenters on those sites and begin to glean some knowledge about your audience.

Just a few examples of how this tool can be taken beyond the “out-of-the-box” canned reports (which are great) you get with your Analytics account. Play with Analytics and see what you can get out of it…you won’t break it!!!

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