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I’ve been following this site for awhile and it performs beautifully.

I’ll let them explain:

The world is available through the Internet; online communities exist for every interest and passing whim. Lowcountry bloggers are an eclectic group of individuals whose passions run the gamut. Why go through the trouble of developing a community with geographic boundaries? Media is rapidly changing and we believe bloggers have a role in this. LowcountryBloggers.com will be a resource for local media when they ask, “How is the Lowcountry responding?”

LowcountryBloggers.com has been created in an effort to maintain and nurture a sense of community. While some blogs have a narrow focus, the authors are people with many facets. LowcountryBloggers.com intends to be a resource for the local blogging community providing tutorials and workshops, encouraging growth through traffic and commentary, and building community through meetups and conversation.

The term hyperlocal is overused, but in this case it works well. Bloggers working together in keeping an aggregated site with a voice on their community active. From the conversations I’ve seen on Twitter, the bloggers running the site keep an ongoing line of communication. I’m looking to see more communities adopting this platform.

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