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Here’s an example of someone thinking in the right direction. Dan Zarrella has released a beta version of TweetBacks. Tweetbacks work just like pingbacks/trackbacks, but instead of showing what blogs are talking about you, they show the people on Twitter who are talking about you.

I’ll save you the gory details of how it works–you can read that on Dan’s site. The bottom line is that TweetBacks are a great way for publishers help their readers connect with other people on Twitter who have similar interests.  It’s community building! I quickly enabled TweetBacks on all of our single posts just below the comment section on NewsTechZilla so you can see how they work.

You only need to paste a little bit of code onto your site to see TweetBacks in action. They may be running a little slowly right now because everything is going through Dan’s server. It would be extremely kind of you to leave a small donation on his site since he’s supplying the computing resources to accomplish this.

Great job Dan! Love this kind of thinking!


Noticed that TweetBacks don’t seem to be working right for this page.  Well, it is in beta! To help Dan reduce his bandwidth load (and so our pages will load correctly) I’ve removed TweetBacks for now.  You can see them at work on Dan’s site though.  We’ll be looking forward to adding this functinoality in the future.

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