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To be more clear, let’s talk about one of the possibilities of making money on your site–selling text links. There are advantages and disadvantages to text link sales.  I’ll give you a high level overview along with links to some resources to help you get more information so you can make an informed decision.

Unless your links do not pass Page Rank  (a site “scoring” system developed by Google) through your links, Google has stated they will penalize your site if you are caught selling links. Again, that is if you are caught selling links. Bascially they don’t want you selling your Page Rank and manipulating their algorithm.

The problem is that many of the people who are interested in buying links from you may only pay you if are willing to pass Page Rank. Last week we talked about passing Page Rank with your links. What many “advertisers” are actually looking for is a vote from your site (your Page Rank)…your link love. They are interested in search engine optimization more than they are interested in traditional advertising. 

To prevent a link from passing Page Rank, all you have to do is add a small little tag to your hyperlink code, so <a href=””> passes Page Rank and <a href=”” rel=nofollow> does not.

Now, for the good part of text link advertising–it is unobtrusive to your readers. And if you aren’t too concerned with the possible ramifications, it’s an easy way to pick up some cash without giving up prime real estate on your site. There are a couple of brokers that will handle the sales for you.

The best case scenario is finding an advertiser who is willing to purchase text links from you and will agree to the “nofollow” option in the link.

I won’t get into the argument of whether or not selling text links that pass Page Rank is right or wrong. That probably depends on your opinion of who (you or Google) your site’s Page Rank belongs to. We don’t sell them here–it’s not part of our plan, but I’ll leave the decision of selling text links up to you.

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