Don’t Make Me Say It!

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Angela from blog Demarcationville has a post this morning of a unique revelation this morning about the size of her newspaper. Oh, and the fact there wasn’t a search button.

Anyway, after walking to the desk and staring at the sad, empty space countless times (habit) and turning the newspaper over and over to see if a search engine would magically appear on the back page (insanity):  I realized there’s a huge difference between reading a newspaper because you have a sentimental attraction to newsprint and relying upon one as a primary source of information.

Suddenly, newspapers were the 2-pound 1980’s Dynatac phone:  odd, uncomfortable, bulky, and limited.


This means for those of us, who were nostalgic about print, and those, who were still hoping we’d throw the baby out with the bathwater,  we need to wake up and accept the truth.  The truth is… oh c’mon, don’t make me say it.  Please.  I’d feel like such a traitor.  No, I can’t.  Saying the words aloud would make me grieve.  I’d have to wear a black veil and rip my clothes as a sign of mourning… wait, my current field of employment is the print media industry, so given my lack of job security, I should probably rip somebody else’s clothes and save my own…

Okay fine, if you’re determined hear it:  Print, as we know it, is dead.

Angela is in the deadwood business herself and thus noticing these changes was somewhat surprising.

The whole post is gold.

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