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Digital Media and Advertising is the topic at Loic Le Meur.

1. How will digital media change the current advertising model?

The word of mouth generated from blogs and social software is making the current advertising more and more irrelevant. I never buy any important or valuable product without asking my friends first and depending on what they say I often buy another product or change my mind. Word of mouth used to be amongst a few friends and your family, it is now worldwide and spreads extremely fast. Now it is even in realtime with sites such as Twitter, my own Seesmic and Friendfeed, you can get a instant feedback on anything and it results in less trust in advertising as you can verify anything in a second. Advertising will have to take this word of mouth seriously into account. I can see it is evolving already but I still see too many ads taking us for stupid customers and frankly I wish these would disappear faster.

Advertising as word of mouth has been happening for years as Loic Le Meur describes. The question is how is that particular tried and true effort going to be integrated into new media.

Many questions to ponder in this day and age.

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