Bold Predictions For 2009

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From SND Update, a list of predictions about what will happen in news design this year.

There are tons of predictions but I pulled this one.

Richard Curtis
Former deputy managing editor, USA Today, and SND founder

Challenges in 2009 (and beyond):

  • How to serve readers with indispensable journalism that is rigorous, vital and sufficiently profitable.
  • Developing a sustainable business strategy.
  • Layoffs, consolidations, mergers.
  • Newspapers going out of business.
  • Burned out, overworked and demoralized newsroom staffs.
  • Staying optimistic, not surrendering, looking for a clue.
  • Giving HOPE to staffers every moment of every day.

This is probably more pessimistic than I really feel. Newspaper companies have absolutely huge obstacles in front of them. The ones still standing this time next year will be true innovators. Should be an exciting and — need I say this? — a very challenging year. Good thing to remember as we face these challenges: What we’ve been doing ain’t working all that well.

Just to add, not all of them are this pessimistic. 🙂

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One Comment

  1. sadcox said January 1, 2009 | Permalink

    Something pretty noteworthy there…

    “Newspaper companies have absolutely huge obstacles in front of them”

    The market for the news is huge though. This is strictly a business model problem.


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