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I was having a conversation with Mike Sechrist back in the fall about different roles for online personalities. I talked to him about the role of a “blog jockey” and I’ve written before regardingĀ  personality driven blogging. For me, it is essential if I’m engaged by a blogger who I feel a personal connection with.

There are different rules of thought here but I want to return to this concept because it comes up a great deal of the time when I’m talking to other folks who work in the news business.

Creating one’s online brand is not really that difficult and it doesn’t matter if you are in news or your not. Be yourself is usually the best rule to follow. Don’t be a bully. Engage. If you want comments on your blog, leave comments on someone else’s online home.

Simple stuff.

I do think that news organizations are going to have to look at the critical success of the old Nashville is Talking with Brittney Gilbert who is currently in San Francisco. To recap what she and Sechrist built, they designed a model of personality driven blogging in a mainstream media outlet. It worked quite well in creating a community that remains strong in Nashville although it has changed some since her departure in 2007. The latest incarnation of Nashville is Talking is different and Christian Grantham has done a fine job with it. He’s also looking to evolve the site in a post he wrote last month looking for community feedback. That’s the beauty of having an online entity. It’s, well according to Sadcox, always easy to change it up a bit.

It worked much the same way disc jockeys in radio who perform roughly the same service. Creating a community guided by a common theme (radio, music, news or blogging) is one way to approach an online persona that establishes trust.

As online communities grow and evolve, the one thing to remember is not to over think things. What key elements have worked in the past and how those items will effectively work in the future might be one line of thought when deciding what you want to do with your online brand.

I was laughed at by a dear friend for using the term “blog jockey” who suggested something along the lines of Interactive Media Relations Director. That was more than a mouthful.

Blog jockey works just fine.

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  1. Ron said January 1, 2009 | Permalink

    The difference between Blog Jockey and Interactive Media Relations Director is one makes about $50,000 more a year. I’ll let you guess which one. šŸ˜›


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