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Newscoma and I are only a few days into this project, but I’m already having a blast working on it.  One of the things we decided before we even bought a domain name was that we’d maintain our individual voices when writing for this site.  I’m talking about our real writing voices–the ones we use on our personal blogs.

My purpose of bringing up that fact isn’t to make this a personal post.  In fact, one of the reasons we wanted to make sure we maintained our own writing styles is that it’s the easiest way for us to convey our personalities implicitly without having to make personal posts.  Being able to write in your natural voice is one of the most liberating aspects of running your own show, and we wanted to make sure to convey that.

I’ve never worked as a journalist (as if you couldn’t tell), but I would imagine the restrictions on what journalists can write and how things must be written are quite a bit tighter than the ones I place on myself.  Just a hunch.

I don’t have deadlines to meet either.  Or an editor.  I also don’t have a steady paycheck that comes from writing.  There could be some correlation there.

One of our goals is to actually connect with our readers, and we think the best way to do that is to write in our natural voices.  Of course, there are techniques for writing effectively on the web.  For instance, shorter paragraphs work well, as does using bold font for key points to get the attention of readers who are scanning pages and search engines. But these techniques don’t connect the reader and the writer like a voice does.

I’m very encouraged by the fact that we’ve both maintained our voices so far, along with our other habits that make us different writers.  One difference I noticed earlier today is that I seldom include images in my posts.  I know I should–images help tell a story and make things so much more interesting for readers, and there are SEO advantages as well when they are used correctly.  But if I had my choice, the web would be text only.  I tend to write that way as well.  It’s something I hope to improve on as this project progresses.

I think I’ll start with my next post.

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