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There’s a great post over at The Inquisitr predicting 2009 will be the year we’ll see consolidation in blogging with the trend being the grouping of smaller blogs under larger “uber blogs”. Most notably for those coming from old media:

The rise of the uber blog will also mark the beginning of the time new media starts to surpass old media. The thing holding back new media to date has been its obsession with niche plays that didn’t naturally lead to scale that sets them up well to compete with old media titans that went wide online as they did offline in print. The new media uber blogs of 2009 and beyond will offer real substitution of old media like we haven’t really seen before, and with lean structures that are best placed to last the recession, could ultimately emerge on top.

This actually sounds like an exciting prospect for journalists who are making the old media to new media jump.

There are some other 2009 predictions over at ReadWriteWeb, which happens to be an uber blog.

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