Twitter As A Journalist’s Tool

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As someone who makes their living working for a news organization, I have found Twitterreportersnotebook invaluable. As I live in a somewhat geographically challenged area in rural Tennessee, Twitter has opened up lines of communication and opportunities that I probably wouldn’t of had otherwise.

Over the past 20 months that I’ve used this service, I have been allowed to communicate instantly with journalists all across the state. Earlier this year, our paper received a bulletin regarding a lockdown due to a bomb threat at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. I put it up on Twitter. Within a few minutes, Christian Grantham of WKRN was on the phone (he hadn’t heard the news) calling around about what happened. Twitter had journalists across the state working together. This is where news industry people who mock Twitter don’t get that it is an invaluable tool. Yes, you are going to probably read dozens of Tweets about what people are having for lunch, but on the other hand there is a charm to that as well.

I admit I’m technically challenged when it comes to coding, web design and other new fangled things on these here innertubes, but Twitter is easy.

And it can be a jumping off point when getting news. As Sadcox wrote, Twitter is more than just one thing.

Incidentally, guess how I became acquainted with Sadcox.

You guessed it.


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