To Blog Or Not To Blog

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I started blogging roughly three years ago although I have been in news for almost two decades. I started blogging basically to just amuse myself. When you spend day in and day out reporting news and writing editorials, it’s important to have a creative outlet.

Thus my personal blog was born.

I honestly didn’t think people would read it other than my friends and my family. It began as an online journal but evolved into something a bit more much to my surprise.

But there was something also bubbling inside my cranium and that was that I needed to expand my horizons. Yes, my personal space on the web is designed to entertain me and hopefully others, but I also realized that I was inadvertently becoming an evangelist on new ways for news delivery. There is a difference between blogging and news and sometimes those worlds collide.

As I write this, I’m reminded that occasionally I will get an email asking on how a blog should be done. My advice is simple. Blog how you want to blog. If you are a political junkie, then by all means blog about that. If you want to post pictures of cats in sweaters, do it. That’s the beautiful thing regarding the blogosphere is that your voice is your own. And, I say this with utmost sincerity, treat people the way you want to be treated and I guarantee they will return to your blog.

In news, there are rules. On a blog, you set your own rules although I believe there are unspoken rules of etiquette depending on the tone of your blog.

I also believe with the addition of blogs in newsrooms, we are currently seeing changes in thinking from management perspectives.

We aren’t there yet, but we are getting there. It’s all coming together in many ways.

Of course, once we think we have it figured out, then it will all change and we will start all over again.

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