Think The New Media is Bound to Dominate?

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Everywhere you look today, online at least, there are articles and posts about the death of newspapers and print media.  Print media is going through some changes right now.  That’s for sure.  Some of these changes are painful.  That’s for sure too.  But something happened today that made me realize just how important newspapers still are.

I got an email from my sister-in-law with the subject line “Sam Made the Paper!”  Sam is her boyfriend.  He wasn’t arrested, and he didn’t fall down a well or anything like that.  She and Sam both work at NASA, and he’d been selected to answer questions for a press event.  The local paper did a nice article on his experiences working on the space program.  It was a nice piece, but wasn’t exactly late breaking news.

But she made a point of emailing people to tell them he was in the paper.  If you Google his name, Sam probably shows up all over the internet.  But that doesn’t matter enough for someone to send an email.  “The paper” does.  Mothers don’t bookmark mentions of their kids on blogs and message boards, but they clip articles in the paper that mention their kids.

Sure, newspapers are struggling right now, but I think the day when they aren’t needed or appreciated are still pretty far off.  I don’t think the online media is ready to own the market yet, especially the local market.

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