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The Daily Beast spotlights a new book about the front pages of the New York Times over the years.

Peter Osnos says it shows the best of the NYT and what is good about newspapers.

As an artifact for a history buff, it is worth every penny. The immediacy of next day coverage of great events is irresistible. Almost every story of our time has its forebears. On Friday, October 25, 1929, the headline was “Worst Stock Crashes Stemmed by Banks . . . Leaders Confer, Find Conditions Sound.” On the day after Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953, the off-lead was “Worst City Crisis since 1933 Is Seen in State Tax Plan.” The last page in the book is March 19, 2008, and the main headline is “Fed Trims Rates Sharply Sending the Markets up . . . Signs of Split on Policy at Central Bank.”

The relevancy of watching history as depicted by newspapers is often forgotten. I’m often reminded that my mother didn’t have a television in her childhood home until she was in high school. With that said, there is still a romance, for me at least, with ink-covered fingers reading the events of yesterday. Now, it’s the events of the moment which guide us.

Deep thoughts from Newscoma.

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