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The news industry is changing.

Although many journalists have already adopted new technology to deal with the pressing issues of how news will ultimately be distributed, there are many of us who are learning as we go along. In recent conversations, I’ve found that many people working in news are having to educate themselves on what services to us, what’s effective, what is a time waster and what’s not.
In print news, there was usually a period of time between releasing the news but in our changing society, news is immediate. Breaking news has become a reality through social news networking sites that continually deliver headlines from around the world.
Instead of one deadline a day, there are several deadlines an hour.
How does an old school journalist keep up with the Internet Age?
One important thing to remember is print journalism has dealt with technology issues in the past. Radio took a swing at print and print journalism survived. Television broke new ground and in the beginning had an uneasy alliance with newspapers.
The Internet is a different beast all together and with rising printing costs, layoffs in the newsrooms across the country as well as the appetites of readers evolving, where does an old school journalist fit in. I admit I’m one of the dinosaurs. I’m learning as I go.
Blogging as become a tool for many journalists, but as we self-educate ourselves for the next wave of media, sometimes there are questions that are difficult to find answers too. Coding a website, PHP, MySQl and other technology questions may be daunting.
As a reporter/editor entering 20 years in the business, I realize the importance of an online presence.
But there are questions that sometimes have complicated answers that is somewhat reminiscent of learning a different language.
Maybe we can learn together here while we also look at the trends that are happening in news.
As trends change, how do journalists change as well?

That’s what we are going to explore here at newstechzilla.

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