Dewey Beat Trumam

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I find it ironic that newspapers have been pronounced dead on arrival. It’s funny to me that when Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States, that newspapers were collected, especially the Chicago Tribune, as keepsakes.

I don’t think the problems with advertising revenue in newsprint are the problems with the consumers. I think a great deal of the blame that some publishers and management decisions have not honed into what the consumer wants. The old adage of that if it bleeds it leads is important because that’s what discussed at the water cooler, but there is also a need to have our hands on something tangible when important things happen.

The issue comes down to that journalists are going to write, no matter what the medium will be. We are compelled to write. It is what it is.

But on the other hand, there is still a melding of different generations that still need to touch the newsprint because there is an intimacy of holding something in one’s hands.

Martin Langavald has compiled a list at his blog called News After Newspapers regarding some invaluable information for media from cutting edge media bloggers. If publishers and old school newshounds would see that there can be a combination of different medias, we might not be seeing the great panic of Aught Eight.

Of course, those of us in the news business need to be looking ahead and that technology combined with news is a reality. The days of shoppers are over, but the need for local news is, in essence, always going to be there. Combining the two forums, creating short-term and long-term strategic plans is essential.

And, yes, I have a copy of “Dewey Beats Truman.” Some things will never change.


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