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Rex Hammock talks of how Twitter is becoming more than how people stereotype the service. It’s a useful tool and he talks of how companies are using the service as a customer service outlet.

But don’t think of Twitter as merely a “tracking” tool or a “broadcasting” tool. It is a conversational tool. Here are a couple of examples (there are many) that I’ve personally encountered on Twitter during the past couple of days — days when many marketers who use Twitter had set up a “see you next week” message on their accounts.

The first example is an easy one for me to select, as it’s from a Nashville-based (my hometown) company, Griffin Techology, and the employee who maintains it is, in addition to his job at Griffin, a highly visible member of the local blogosphere. I was trying to locate a place locally to purchase a Griffin product called the Clarifi that serves as a case or “skin” for an iPhone, but also includes a small lens filter you can slide over the phone’s camera lens for taking closeup photos of documents or business cards. (I want it to use it with what is quickly becoming the software I’m currently obsessing over, Evernotes — and thought it would make a good stocking-stuffer for, uh, my wife to give me).

Go on and read how Griffin helped him out on Christmas eve. And, for the record, Twitter is where I “met” Sadcox. And it was, if my memory isn’t gone from too much Christmas cheer this year, over politics.

Small world on Twitter.

Other customer service success stories from Twitter include ComcastCares, Tyson, Zappos and others.

And, let’s not discount other recent uses of Twitter which is following the TVA environmental disaster.

Do you know a company, news issue or an event that is utilizing Twitter successfully?

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