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So, you are a reporter working on a collection of stories about Americans under economic pressure and then you find out you’ve been fired?

This is the story of Ketzel Levine, who has been employed by NPR for 31 years. While doing a story about “American Moxie: How We Get By” found that she was closer to the context of her story than she initially thought.

Ms. Levine and her editor didn’t want a series of unconnected stories. “We came up with the idea that each person should be connected with the next somehow, and that was the best part for me,” she said. “I’d go on a story and have absolutely no idea what the next story would be — I’d have to find it while I was there.”

But there was an unexpected ending. Midway through her reporting, Ms. Levine found out that she had been laid off as part of a 64-employee cut at NPR.

Ms. Levine, who has worked at NPR since 1977, said she decided the final episode, and her final piece for NPR, should be about her own situation.

Levine joins other journalists who were laid off in the last quarter of this year. In regards to her unusual predicament, she remained optimistic citing it was the perfect ending for a storyteller such as herself.

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