5 Years Left for Tangible Media?

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That’s what Keith Parnell is talking about. And for the record, he thinks print has a little longer than that:

I agree the majority of media and communications are moving online. But not all and completely. Not in 5 years.

One of the interesting points brought up in this discussion is the expansion of the number of publications available online and the Amazon Kindle. I don’t have a Kindle yet because I don’t buy first generation electronics as a rule, which is a little weird for a techie-type. In this case, I’ve been tempted several times to break the rule, especially when I’m traveling.

What I’d really like is a low powered device with the “paper” look the Kindle give that’s open to the whole web, or at least Google Reader.  One of the other negatives to the Kindle in my opinion is that I can’t read everything with it…yet.

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